2 Day Overnighther Camping Ride - Tips?

Should be around Sydney and maybe 80-100ks a day. Ideally to a place where we can camp (National Park eg) and on quite rual roads/gravel roads. We’ll be doing it on the labour day long weekend so a bit lesser known areas would be ideal to not have to deal with crowds. Need to test some set ups for our NZ holidays in a few weeks.

North of wisemans ferry. Like Claire’s bridge/ten mile hollow.
Stay away from river rd and cattai ridge rd over the long w/e. Water skis parks house mean boats on trailers.

Haven’t done an overnighter or anything there but there’s plenty of good riding around there. Carlin did an overnighter and blogged about it once. Same area, looked fun.

Thanks mate! We’ll instead drive to Mittagong tomorrow and ride to Wombeyan Caves. Can’t wait!

Btw, this was epic and I mean epic…perfectly suited for a 2 day in and out bike packing trip. Would love to do it again with more people and someone bringing heaps of beer to the campground. That’s what I missed the most, beer. Very easy to follow route, drive to Mittagong (you can even take the train) and ride the Wombeyan Caves Road to the, you guessed it, Wombeyan Caves. 100% dirt, 100% fun and with racks and full panniers (was a test ride) bloody hard. We also ran out of water and there’s none on the way. There is a river through a campground midway but I wouldn’t drink the water unless you can filter it.

Thanks Ollie for the tip, great ride, would do it again anytime.

Sawyer mini or a lifestraw is like $25 and weighs nothing, I’d grab one or at least some iodine tabs before you go NZ.

We have tabs, thanks.

That will be a fun, trip…


LSD paper

Hahahaha nice one…need to improve my english then.

Ezy gets it.

AKA - tabs. Sorry.