2 x Concorde MAX frames

Neat Fillet Brazed units

Vintage CONCORDE SQUADRA team frameset COLUMBUS MAX ct57 for Campagnolo | eBay


and this Pina MTB rig

NOS Vintage Pinarello Civetta MTB Rahmen Columbus MAX OR mit Gabel - No FAT | eBay

Bidding on the top one :wink:

would be all over the black one if it was my size.

And not rusty, if it was nos i’d want it the Black and gold max was the top of the line in 93, a recent one sold for $980 perfect condition

This might be a tiny bit big. Meh. Most of my bikes are 55TT this is 56TT.
2 hrs to go, see what happens.

FARCK can’t believe the Black one sold for 180 US

shit thats cheaappp, even with rusty bits