2 x FGFS framesets FREE in Brunswick

Located against a tree outside 133 Pearson St, Brunswick, are two FGFS frame/fork/headset/risers/ one has a crankset, not sure if the other one did. No wheels. From a moving car they both looked mid-sized 54-55cm-ish?

Don’t know if cracked or what the reason is for them being thrown out but figured someone could do something with one or both.

If they are still there this arvo I can pick up one or both if someone wants one but can’t get there.

PS I kinda assumed someone was throwing them out and they weren’t stolen. Maybe I’m naive?

If you feel like grabbing them and posting photos / posting them to sydney I’m totally cool with that.

They were both gone when I went back this arvo. So, if someone on here got them because they read this thread: where’s your manners? Say “thank you”.