20% more hipster spok action !!!

Is this the new NJS Walking?

Hyundai reveals rag-top Veloster

A new level of matchy-matchy…

Dear god no


better show my gf. she froths over these things for some reason. I’d much prefer a Renault Megane.

We have a thread for this kind of stuff already.


Wouldn’t have noticed the matching wheel colours had you not mentioned it.

It’s a pretty decent idea, but just has ‘wanky’ written all over it


kill me now

dude, just lay it on it’s side, it’ll go in fine.

What is really sad is how out of touch their advertising director is- I mean the coloured potato zeitgeist was about 4 years ago??

not for their market it isn’t

If I was in a band, this would be my next album title.

As somebody who has worked in a whole bunch of Ad agencies. I can honestly say NO creative directors are in touch with whats going on. They have focus groups to work that out for them.

Not even the ones on the telly.

dot tumblr dot com

wow, hyundai really has their finger on the cultural pulse.

Honda did it over two years ago… ironically.


That is bloody horrible. Unlike this piece of gold


As a Honda Jazz owner, I’d like to report that there is no way I can fit my bike in the back as illustrated in the aforementioned video.

agreed! but i can fit my bike the other way around with the baby seat on the left (my daughter hates it) :stuck_out_tongue: