2006 Australian Single Speed Nationals

Some details are starting to come togther here;


Ok this is it. October 28 and 29 centred around the little town of Majors Creek around 80km east of Queanbeyan, 3 to 3.5 hours from Sydney and 6.5 hours from Melbourne, 14 to 15 hours from Brisbane probably the same from Adelaide and you had better start driving now from Perth or Darwin. From Hobart swim to Melbourne and see how you go from there

The smell of a road trip is heavy in the air.

My Godfather owns a pub in Braidwood.

Great pub, great beer.


…and 6.5 hours from Melbourne

at frickin’ light speed!??

Should be fun… pity bout the Mont being in the same neck of the woods only 3 weeks earlier - thems a lotta Hume kays to do in a month.

sweetness. That’s like, an hour/hour and a half from here. I’m happy to garage bikes and riders from the forum.

  • Joel

[quote=“tristan”]Some details are starting to come togther here;


So who’s racing it fixed?
I was a bit dissapointed that only 4 fixie riders were at the SS Worlds but then the other three weren’t running a front brake so I felt like a bit of a sandbagger.

Yeah… I got to pull the finger out and get a fixed rear wheel sorted.

I don’t ride my XC bike too much and at that time I will be recovering from the mont.

A kind and responsible fixed.org.au member can borrow my white industries ENO eccentric wheel, fixed/free (with 16t eno freewheel), 135mm spaced, laced to mavic 517 ceramic with DT competitions and alloy nipples. If they don’t have a fixed rear wheel and want to run normal dropouts. For that weekend anyway.

  • Joel

Show of hands who is attending this event? Might thrown some thought into organising some accomodation…

I might go if i have a bike. $200 return to fly to Canberra (ex burn). An hour each way :slight_smile: Could be good. Work locks me into just the weekend though, so i dont think driving is cool.

Spuddy, by then I will have two appropriate bikes - If you’re less than 90kg you can borrow either :slight_smile:

  • Joel

I’m assuming that it will be the usual “open to all” SS type of event but will they let pommie’s ride, as it’s the Australian National’s and all that…?
(there’s no chance of me getting anywhere near the front to take the glory anyway)

I need an excuse to buy a new White wheel from Dan… and could do with a road trip/adventure…

Maybe I will just have to start on developing an accent… Mate.

Will they be weight weenie machines? Do tell more…

well the fix CX doesn’t have a weight limit really, my XC bike is tough, but fairly light too. There are pics on this forum somewhere…

…pick up from canberra, return to canberra…yeah that’s all :slight_smile:

  • Joel