2007 Raleigh bikes

Not sure if we can get Raleigh stuff in Oz.

Anyhow, their 2007 lineup looks interesting.

A track bike in traditional Raleigh colours.

Looks like the Alu Fujis you see floating around. I dare say it is the same bike with a different pain job. Still looks nice though.

pretty sure my local bike shop was selling cheap raleigh hybrids a couple of years ago, so there’s probably an australian distributor. looks like a nice bike, nice paint.

Sorry, abit trigger happy …

should also have added:

Their 2007 29’er single speed.

And they’ve got a fixable SS commuter with fenders similar to Redline’s 9-2-5. Sorry … no pics of this one.


Cool decals. Pity it’ll cost a mint… those wheels are ~AU$900 alone.

The blogger with the 29’r pic says it used ‘higher-end steel’. I wonder what it’s made of?

That’s the first Raleigh I’ve ever liked.

Love the cut-out seat tube. Seat stays look massive, in a good way. Shame about the paint.

You can get up closer here;

You can get up closer here;[/quote]

I like it a lot. Especially the beefy gusseting and the seat tube.

Seat tube lug is UGLY though.

Yeah you’re right. I hadn’t looked that close. I’d rather buy a Fuji Pista Pro than this. I like the modern frame with retro paint job.

Continuing with the 2007 bike lineup tread …

Here’s LeMond’s 2007 fillmore

Looks like for 2007 they’ve gone with a more “buget” version.

CroMo frame and fork vs. Ox plat"whatever"nium frame and Carbon fork.

Cheap wheels vs. Bontrager low spoke track wheels.

Still looks pretty hot though and the colour scheme is pretty good for a fixie rig.


How about this one, very Redline 9-2-5, just needs a B-17 and some eggbeaters.

Comes as an SS, but track hubs for the fixin’.

Just noticed, they’ve put the bloody rear brake cable under the TT. That’s going to lead to sore shoulders after some 'cross action.

Raleigh “One Way”

Is anyone stocking these in OZ?
I have a couple of mates that would love something like this

I’d give your LBS a call and ask them to call whoever imports/distributes Raleigh in Australia. Sadly I reckon it’s going to be pricy (compared to a) a hybrid or b) a conversion)

I’m about to rebuild my Super Course Mk II in a similar vein, 42x16 SS, risers, fenders, stylin’ Weinmann centre-pulls (complete with brake cable under the TT!)…

i like that jeep thing in the background.

Yes you can get Raleigh stuff in Australia …kekeke:


  • Joel


Don’t suppose you feel like letting go of the fenders?

I don’t think so man - we’ll see when it gets here :slight_smile:

  • Joel

heh, figured.

I’m sure I can find some old chrome ones in need of a polish to tart up my super course.

I was mulling over that one.

let us know what its like joel.