201̶9̶20 Pro Road Racing

we are still no closer to who will take the win? i’m hoping a frenchman gets up

No mountaintop finish on the Galiber is a bummer. I’m guessing that it’s just too expensive to keep taking the whole circus to the top. Much cheaper to set up shop down in the valley towns. But it does mean fewer stages available to really make a selection.

I’m predicting that Quintana will get in another 5 minute break and take yellow.

Well that was an eventful evening…
Pretty gutted for Pinot.

I for one welcome the insanity of what is effectively a hill climb TT tonight…

m VdP kicked real early in the tour d arctic circle, skipped away & had time to turn around in the sprint to make sure he had enough gap & time to raise the fit in victory, he just won the last rnd of mtb xco world cup last weekend

Kittel pulls the pin.

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fknlol. too many watts.

hahahaha brilliant.

La Vuelta cycling race broadcast captures rooftop marijuana plantation


Goes to show that doping is still in the sport.


ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :sunglasses:

Well that explains the green jersey.


could account for Nairo’s poor tt showing----I wonder if the teams test riders for recreational stuff, I bet INEOS do -weed, coke,meth…you’re out

I used to do drug tests for a mine - they wouldn’t even let couriers deliver stuff on site without a blood test - hint of marijuana -auto cessation of employment

that was in the u23s wasn’t it?

guess that answers, “what sort of rudder effect does a disc have?”

Poor tyre choice, imo

where’s the Maxxis Trireme when you need it.

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looks like me riding on Maxis detonators circa 2009 on gold hillman fixie