201̶9̶20 Pro Road Racing

Cant wait to watch it tonight. A bit gutted for Clarke, but sounds like this was an all-time finish. I’m happy MVDP got a good result, he has been so bloody strong over the past few weeks. Now bring on XC season! Edit: watched it, goosebumps. Such a hero move.

Great effort by MvdP (and Clarkey).
The race itself wasn’t as enthralling as some other classics
Thrilling last minute but it was pretty static for the prior 30km or so

LBL: Alaphillipe or Valverde? Or…?

Haha, f***, Valverde just abandoned.

The weather is terrbile.

Bobridge admits to taking cocaine and ecstasy during career

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“Next contestant Sybil Fawlty from Torquay, special subject the bleeding obvious.”

This is the road to to Passo Gavia. The Giro is due to go through here in 7 days.

It’s a little snowy…

Thats his contract secured for another year. And some more shoes for his collection…

some good xco results
aussie bec mcconnell fin 2nd at nove mesto, our best xco elite result for a while, both past & future i think

matthieu VdP cruised to a win in the men’s event, i’d love to see him do a pauline ferrand prevot & simultaneously hold the big three, road/cross/xco world titles…i can dream

been a bit absent soz mates but I am sensing some pretty serious SENSATIONS brewing for this stage.

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that’d be amusing… but the ensuing responsibilities would really cut into his motocross riding time. So it’s not going to happen…

Did you see where he went after Nove Mesto (for those not playing at home - he is now leading the MTB World Cup overall, but taking the next two rounds off and forfeiting the lead/overall - what a boss)?

Straight to Ibiza! James will be proud i think…

Also - Bec’s post race interview… Deadpan admission the result was something of a fluke. i reckon she has some more top 10s in her, but probably not another podium. Was a cracker of a race!

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Franchement j'espère que Lopez ne prendra pas de pénalités. Le comportement de certains sur les bords de route c'est scandaleux#Giro pic.twitter.com/GKzLkbPY0R

— Penche de Poney (@manes0210) June 1, 2019

fully endorse knocking stupid pricks out.

my french is worse than shit, but they talking about miguel lopez thrashing the spectator overnight who bumped him, & rogelio got a 10sec penalty for a spectator pushing him…how the hell do you stop this, carry a baton??

I endorse this endorsement. Highlight of the Giro.

I’m only endorsing the endorsement of the original endorsement so I can highlight my general endorsement of knocking stupid pricks out.

New team role perhaps? The Bélier!
Stays out front and beats away the spectators.

[m VdP] is going to race road worlds (https://www.facebook.com/globalcyclingnetwork/photos/a.134374393384959/1335767673245619/?type=3&theater)
i’m a happy guy, hopefully the dutch can find a strong team to get him the win… wout VA to pace third

Wonder what racing he’ll do as prep?