2010 UCI Road World Championships: 29th Sep - 3rd Oct

Who wants to ride Sydney to Melbourne for this?!?!

Plenty of time to plan and get time off work and husband duties etc.

Something along the lines of this route, with overnight stays at the markers.

um, i think this needs to be done… :S

i am up for this.

Interesting… verrrrrry interesting.

Fly down and compete!!! Theres a public race I think…

I’ve got some adhesive lead weights for you Zak, to bring you 'nago up to UCI weight for the race. Let me know how many you need!

FTFY. Cos I know he would if I didn’t…

Are you saying he already meets the UCI weight minimum?

haha i’ll leave the water bottles full

i’m off to help mr Chin do some work on a certain cervelo that would need 700gs to bring it up to the limit…

I was thinking of going - not necessarily like this

300 bucks for a ‘group ride’

Looks great. I can’t make it as I’ll be on my way back from overseas though.

Did you try to tighten the headset without loosening the stem and crack the glue on the alloy shim? Or did that happen all by itself?

happened by it’s self… i think an expander bolt set up is best and take out the alloy sleeve or try and re-glue the sleeve in
so i guess you weren’t able to help…

Yeah that set up was wierd… he picked up the expander bolt last night.

Lol, can always count on Zak for a good hijaculate!

Anyways, had a bit more of a think about this.

Those who are keen, what sort of daily distances would you think are appropriate? My initial plan was just to pick some of the towns on the way down, but I think the distances we need to cover each day are a bit optimistic.
100-150kms per day sound ok depending on the amount of climbs etc?
I think a big first day (Sydney-Kiama maybe?) would be handy to try and get clear of Sydney’s traffic asap. Then we can roll at our own pace.

Also, we’d probably need a support vehicle, if for nothing else, just to carry our shit. We could take turns driving a hire car unless someone wants to volunteer theirs (I would mine, but its developing a slight engine knock and I’d hate for it to die half way there)
The Hire car could be dumped at the airport when we return home via plane, or we can ride back.

This would probably be a 2 week trip if we wanted to spend the entire time at the world champs.

Leave Sydney on Monday 20th September
Arrive Geelong Tuesday 28th September (Its 1114kms via the route I suggested in post 1, so this gives us 9 days of distances of about 120-125kms each day)
Worlds start Wed 29th September
Worlds conclude Sunday 3rd October (attend afterparties!!)
Fly home Monday 4th October

Another option is to go inland and basically follow the Hume the whole way, but thats gonna be more dangerous and far less interesting and would only realistically save us a day of travel time.


Started a facebook event here: Login | Facebook
If your on my facebook, you should have invites.

sound good to me, and i like the idea of a car to come along with us to. 100-150kms are day is a nice ride i think as we all can do that.

200 per day and bring your roadie!!
It would all depend on the groups fitness level
Team car is an ace plan.
Might be keen have to look at the work situation…