2010 UCI World Championships

A thread for general discussion about the event coming up in Melbourne/Geelong in Sept.

With the announcement of the Aussie team Im starting to get a bit more excited about this.
Australian UCI World Champs Teams

So despite the fact that Andy and Robbie wont be there, Im starting to plant the best way to watch the race.
Andy Schleck withdraws from Road World Championships; Robbie McEwen omitted - Telegraph

Does anyone have plans yet. For example, watch the start of the road race in Melbourne and try to catch the Vline to the finish in Geelong? Or just watch it all on the big screen in Fed square? Perhaps you have a spot picked out along the route? How about the time trial?

the best place to be is in geelong anywhere on the circuit which they do 11 times

volunteering - in geelong for 3 days. Melb for the start of the mens - will prob then vline to geelong to see the finish.
it’s going to be awesome. i’m going to try to be on the hill

I’m in negotiations for a lawn chair spot on the crit course near the hill.

Turns out someone’s parents live right on the course and will be away that weekend. Hoping to go (and maybe ride) up early on the Friday for the TT and stay 'til sunday.

Robbie’s take on the course … before he got dropped that is.
Part 1


Part 2


Also worth noting is the Herald Sun world cycling classic in Ballarat the Sunday before the worlds. Pretty sure I’ll be heading over for this. Might be a little calmer than the following weekend.



breaks my heart to watch those vids with robbie

i am interested in your newsletter and would like to subscribe.

Also @Nikcee I think the l33t mens time trial is on the Thursday

anyone else keen to ride the course (roughly) in the next few weeks? i’m thinking the bike path (federation trail i think?) to werribee, then follow the course into geelong and do a lap of the circuit. i highly doubt i could finish more than one lap because i suck, but would be fun to have a go.

get your people to talk to my people… it will happen.

I’m thinking of doing the course - not sure when, but maybe the weekend of the 11th/12th.
I’ve done the ride down to Geelong on the Bike path before - was pretty easy to Werribee, then i got lost on the back roads… might go the freeway from Werribee this time

won’t be the same without robbie!!!

Rode the course this morning. Those climbs are brutal. Short, but brutal. I’ll be impressed if there are any sprinters still hanging around after 11 laps.

Nice editing. Cutting out the rolling through stop signs/red lights.

Even Emilio thinks it’s very very sneaky.

Also, it’s amazing how he can chat throughout this course. Crazy fit.

Im sure a lot of you already read CyclingTips Blog, but in case you missed it here are some of the best spots to watch the race from:

Geelong Recon – Where To Watch The Race

Reckon I’ll probably head for “The Ridge”…

seems cav has already picked his winner:

Mark Cavendish in a Saints jersey. "They’re talkin… on Twitpic

also, herald sun classic is in ballarat this weekend. check the start list!


are there any stages in Melbourne for those less able to drag ourselves to Geelong? or is the only other option Fed Square or the TV?

Rode the course to Geelong last weekend - bad headwind near the You Yangs and strangely desolate out there - hard to know how far you’ve gone.
For those of you thinking of taking your bike down on the train - NO BIKES ON TRAINS…
Not sure if this is just the ‘special’ ones for the event (that is you might still be able to if you travel early or something) or if it means all trains over the event. There are some busses that will take bikes but few and i think you need to book - what a shit