2011 Bianchi Sei Giorni (Six Days)

Bianchi Pista alloy frame.
Bianchi 1 1/8" " fork.
FSA Orbit CE Plus headset.
Truvativ Touro Track 1.1 48T chainset.
KMC Z610H red track chain.
Shimano SS-7600 16T seel sprocket.
Maddux Track F15 30mm profile track wheels with fixed gear hub.
CST 700x23c tyres.
Kalloy AS-008 white alloy stem.
Kalloy HB-CM21 white alloy handlebars red bar tape. - MTB riser with red Oury grips for commuting
Bianchi RC SP-600 white alloy seatpost.
Shimano 105 brake caliper.
Tektro CX lever (white outer cable)
Velo Red Suede saddle.
DX Pedals.

Feed back welcome - Thanks to Taylor Cycles for the hook up

Menstruating ghostbike

Invisible Shimano 105 brake caliper?

Looks familar…

Epic Cycles - Bianchi Pista Sei Giorni

hahah could not be bothered doing your own photos.
Are they quondo hubs.

looking forward to seeing this on the thursday night recon ride… :rolleyes:

coulda done worse i spose :slight_smile: least you rolling now.

is it just me or do those cranks look like 170’s or 175’s?

I like this bike

Yea haven’t had a chance to get some pics done (thesis and work taking over my life)

Went out for a quick spin this morning and it went well … more my legs need replacing.

feels a little twitchy but the mtb bars will fix that, Need to get sea and bar height sorted out.

99% sure not Quando Hubs.

Sounds good u coming Thursday night for a trundle

Double post

Don’t think I can this Thursday as i have to get my thesis completed and have an exam on the 8th.

But keen for one after that … whats the usual vibe? fast pace or chiller?

I don’t like coloured chains.

Sorta agree with you but its what ti came with so will see when it wears down probably a standard dirty grey chain