2011 Clarence St Cup - Now with added Renshaw!

Just heard from Fiona that Mark Renshaw has entered the Clarence St Cup this year!!

Its happening December 3rd at Dunc Gray.

For those who aren’t aware, Tix are $15 on the door, although as its Clarence St’s 30th year sponsoring the event, the shop is giving away free tickets to their private section of the stands including free food, beer and a bus to and from the track. :cool:

Tix available from the shop. Ask for Fiona.

Ill be in the stands, cheering for the Illawarra crew. Anyone here racing?

Might enter this weekend. I have been in semi-good form lately.

Do it… I’ve been hyping you up to pretty much anyone I talk to! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just realised I can’t come… I got my own race to win

Giddy up!

Good man !!!

I’ll be in to see you this week to order me a tubular for the disc - I can’t afford to wait for wiggle, they’ve screwed me a few times lately.

Nathan will you be there? I might need someone to be my holder and give me a very discrete push at the start :wink:

Considering coming to this. It’s a good chance to get my unborn child indoctrinated into track cycling.

I’ll buy you a beer and some hot chips as a congratulatory gesture if you do.

Do it now, because you won’t have time later!

Although, I will add this to the list of things I could do this weekend.

Well done Rhys - you did great and made the final :wink:
I promised pics but they sucked and my battery died early on. Of the few I got this one looked kinda cool.
Reprazent !!

Hey, thats pretty cool! Thanks to you and Mrs Spirito and Nathan/Eirlie for coming out and cheering me on, I could actually hear you during racing which was cool! Glad I could avenge my terrible efforts from last year and put on a decent show this time too :slight_smile: Felt like a boss, but I’ve done something to my right calf and won’t be riding for a few days :frowning:

you’ve inspired me rhys! im very very keen to give track racing a shot

Really wish I hadn’t missed this. Nice work Rhys, how did the new wheels go?
Great photo too!

Alex, the wheels made so much difference. Even riding the rollers you can tell. After checking my garmin data, I was cruising at 55km/h, which is normally towards the upper level of sprinting at tempe. So whether it was the track or not I can’t tell, but they felt smooth. I didn’t have any anxiety about be a shit rider with good wheels either, because 80% of people there had discs, and most of them were FFWD. I guess they’re that cheap that everyone can afford them these days!
Here are two pics from the SBS Cycling Central site, of me! Famous!

Nice Rhys I love the moody shots! Bet the fact your running tubluars is also paying dividends

You should get some veloflex extremes they are very fast, they also make a sprint/track tire as well but they are not good for more than 1000km.

I’m rebuilding my front wheel soon and will need to re glue the tire, if you wana learn how too you can come over for a beer and I’ll show you how’s to get it done!