2011 NOVA heavy duty!

So I arrived in Delhi where I am studying and decided to give the roads here a try…
My new set of wheels…
Specs are…
Nova ‘Heavy Duty’ (possibly owned by Avon) Single Speed
Rigid brake lines
Cottered cranks
Decent bell (the most important part of the bike for Indian roads)
Nice fenders (good for monsoonal flooding of roads [very frequent])
Built in lock
Comes in around 15-20kg I’d guess, maybe I’ll put some ultralight inner tubes to bring down the weight…

…Only set me back $65 brand new

Don’t think they make ultralight tubes with Woods valves.

Sweet ride, blatant Avon knockoff (which is a Raleigh DL-1 knockoff)

Royal enfield in background looks cool

just buy a cow, probably weighs less too.

plus free milk


Same colour-way as your Vig.

I know! And there I was saying I’d never use a black bike on the road… The fact is, they only come in this colour. Maybe I’ll put some red grips on it

Red deep V’s. Seeeeek

Sweet ride Pat, hope the travel/study is going well.