2011 Salsa Casseroll - Now with cantis & a rack!

I have no need for this, but I want it.

2011 Casseroll

The best bit is that I’m pretty sure it comes in my size.

P.S. The first time you were telling me about the cheap 45cm Casserole, I thought you were talking about a casserole dish. A 45cm casserole dish. It wasn’t until you mentioned it the second time that I worked out you were talking about a bike frame.

HAHA you nong.

This bike will do touring and cross duties quite well. Buy it!

It is perfect for what I want it to do…
I might buy one. Ideally I will be patient and wait until the midget sizes are on sale. But I think I might need it before then.

We now use 6 frame sizes instead of 8, as we realized we can cover the same fit range while also making it easier for the consumer to pick their frame size.

Oh. That’s a concern.

damn that’s nice… any leads on pricing thus far?