2011 Scody People's Choice Cyclist of the Year

2011 Scody People’s Choice Cyclist of the Year - Nominations open
Round two brendan?

oh man, you’d think they’d have it figured out by now: don’t allow a write in option!

i’d suggest an obscure australian pro. or, even better, steele von hoff. yes, that is a real person.

Andy Blair. Winner of the DDCX series and all around animal. He also buried himself this weekend at the Scott 24 HR MTB Race at hour 23 mark to increase the 10 second lead to 10 minutes over a 14km course.

Great name and awsome sprinter, but have you heard him speak? He sounds like a jockey.

yeah, and a bona fide good dude.

Funny story, Andy has only just started a new job up on top of Mt Stromlo (There is an observatory and few business up top) and on his commute to work one day he had 3 flats and only two spares. So what did he do? shouldered the bike and ran the 3km up the hill. Once he got to the top he asked a few of his work mates why they didn’t pick him up… They thought it was part of his cyclocross training.


If he is good enough for Cycling Express…

Seconded !

please don’t make it Gene, he’s unbearable enough to live with as it is…

Love you Geno

then move out i didnt ask for you to be here

why did you hide your love for gene…

i also cant understand how gene could be anything less than perpetually amazing to live with.

I would sell all my bicycles to live with gene.

sell them too meee???

Who are we going to (pointlessly) back this year? I’m happy with Steele Von Hoff.

I reckon I read about Steele in a recent mag. Said he used to eat a full bucket of KFC after a 24 hour race or something.

i’m guessing cadel will win this year’s prize rather easily yeah?