2012 UCI World Track Championships - Melbourne April 4 - 8

I’m planning to go to this. I also reckon it would be awesome to ride there.

Looking for expressions of interest.

Roughly 3 weeks on the road, some party time, 4 days of events. Basically means a full month away.
I’ve not done any concrete planning, so please voice suggestions.

TBC: Earliest leave date Saturday 10th March, arriving weekend of 31st/1st April, or we can beef it up and leave Saturday 17th March, and this’ll mean a two week smashfest. I’m partial to a 3 week jaunt, we’ll have some big days, and maybe an extra rest day somewhere nice, like here

I grew up in Melbourne, and i’m sure everyone knows someone they can crash with, if not there’ll be peeps on here that will let you hit their couches.

My interenet is a bit shagged, so havn’t done much mapping yet, but i’ll get the road atlas out and have an old fashioned gander, and figure out some options.

2012 UCI Track World Championships home page

Event Schedule
I’m pretty keen to go to lots, if not all, of the sessions.

Ticketek Australia

  • 10 session passes from $327
  • 5 night sessions pass from $205
  • 3 night (fri/sat/sun) pass from $140

This is gonna be rad.

rest assured i do not want to do what it says in my sig.

Meet you there.

i would love to - but not sure i can take that much time off work…maybe

Man, with three weeks of blank canvas go ride NZ or Tasmania and come back via melb. It would have to beat thousand of km of highways.

If I’m here I will do the first few days then head back to bris.

Lets all do south island nz ride and snow boom.
I know a killer house sleeps 12 $360 a night in queenstown.

^ this.

BNE > MELB roads have already been done. My vote is for NZ :wink:

EDIT: On roadies :slight_smile: As i will have my new one by then!

You’ve got my attention.

^ likewise.

you’ve changed bra, fixed or die

i havn’t done bne > mlb, mlb is my home town, add in track worlds and i can’t help but want to do it, equally as interested in nz or tas expedition though, i donno bout this roadies business though

you get way more hipster credits when you fixed long distance, max hp with max instagram hits

i’m looking at it like this, i’ll whhhhack on a good 180" gear and by the time i get to mlb and fully wind it up, i’ll just smash in the back door and clean up the pursuit gold medal, unstoppable brah!

your my hipster hero, will you sign my aerospoke and or denim cycling cap?

sure thing, but you will have to make a minimum donation

will you accept my tumblr account with 500 followers or battercard?

i do not want to know anything about your battercard " / " serious thread face

what you gonna do now? go cry to mr watson?

twitter is a buzz, you’re dead tumblr meat loser pie fist

Well nz may be a goer for me but im waiting to see if im going to canada.
Scott i may go to mlb depending on dates i have a mate surfing at the quicky pro around then.