2013-2014 Coburg Crits

An FOA favorite it seems! They are starting up earlier this year, with the first crit this Saturday!

Starting from October 5th, our summer crits are back at National Boulevard Campbellfield for regular Saturday racing. The 1.8km circuit just off the Hume Hwy/Sydney Rd has wide lanes and allows for fast, safe racing. Grades offered range from A-E grade with cash prizes for places each race for both men & women. New cyclists are welcome to join in as they can learn the ropes with rider marshals in lower grades. Cafe will also be open at all races with food & coffee.

are you excited about this a-bird?

An hour plus three?!

Fuck me. I am going to be dropped like a stone!

Haha I raced a c grade here in bris a a while back where b grade kept surging and sitting up making it to dangerous to call the three laps and they made us race for an hour plus 3.
It was fucked as my tactic was to keep the pace up from the get go.

I mean, in my defence, I will certainly not be over trained coming into this summer. Recovery has been full steam ahead so to speak.

This is my fear, after a lacklustre winter of riding, I may get dropped after 2 laps, or I may be rested up enough to power to the win.

As I currently stand, and I never thought I would say this, getting dropped in a bicycle race seems positively harmless. This is probably gutless but I am going to try and make it seem enlightened.

i’m an expert of getting dropped on the back straight on the last lap at coburg. i reckon i’ll race a few crits this summer if my shoulder recovers enough.

I don’t think getting dropped on the last lap counts as getting dropped. I make it look like I have done my domestique duties and sat up.

I’m quite excited! I’d like to win a crit or two here and hopefully move up to B grade!

Anyone heard anything about Thursday night crits? I’ve asked, but always get told that was Brunswick’s doing last season…

Quite like Coburg crits, pretty hard to get dropped. HCC on the other hand will definitely suck.

Pretty sure I read somewhere that Preston are running Junior crits before 10am at Nat Boulie, so it’d be wise to warmup going the other way round.

Have only raced one. A good time was had, excited to race more. Will be a fun learning experience.

is it fixed or gears?

road bikes. run by legit clubs, not just fixie bros.

fixie bros, LOL

m8 if you wanna race fixed just come to DISC on tuesday nights already!

Or organise a track bike crit. Would be keen to race one.

Melbourne Red Hook

So I’m thinking of riding out Saturday for a look,
Any one else here racing?

there will be heaps of kents out.

Just meet brad at our place and roll out with him!