2013 Fourth Annual FOA BOTY aka Reader's Choice award

  • 1 for the Hillman, because I want it.

  • 2 because I used to drive an old Cortina that had “I wish I was riding my Hillman” sticker on the back window

+3 because before I had the Cortina I had a Gemini Panel Van that got written off in an accident when a drunk lady launched her car over the Brunswick Rd railway crossing whilst I was stopped at the Sydney Rd/Royal Pde intersection. In the back of the Gemini was my pride and joy Hillman that was only retrieved after Swann Insurance gave the ok for the panelshop to cut the roof off the Gemini.

Another for the Hillman for me.
The paint, the chance purchase, the dimpled seat tube… Love it.

+1 more thank you!

see here: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f42/post-your-roadie-9801/index44.html#post538000

Hmmm… Blakey’s gonna stab you in the livers !!!

blakey couldn’t stab anyone at the moment. he’s 'armless.

he’s only half armless

another + 1 for the hillman


this one for me


+1 again

Casting my vote:

Tough one as always, but vote going to


This closes tonight people.

+1 for Erle’s MAP

+1 hillman, that tricolour paint is so nice.

Urs’ NJS for my money

The 'vagen http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f8/speedvagen-road-machine-30516/

That’s for 2014 dude…

I’ve got to go with Erle’s map.