2013 Grand Prix

I reckon I could get my 98 VT Commodore off the line quicker than Webber

Yeah, it has to be said, but let’s try conspiracy theory for a second. Maybe it’s not Webber, but team orders.

Team orders to give Vettel a clear run, sure, but to let 5 other guys in? He was 7th to the first corner.

I’m thinking something done to his launch control.
Or maybe he is just crap at launching the car that is his full time job.
It just seems weird.

The Red Bulls are slow today, they’re sayings its too cold for them.

better than pro cycling

Only F1 race I watch all year.
The new tyres make for lots of changes in the lead.

Webber looking pretty ashen-faced after the race - no telemetry, no KERS, sixth place probably a good result in that case!

Yeah, a lot of unexpected quibbles with Webbers car…again. You’d think RBR could get it right for two cars. Webber to Ferrari next year. Nice to see the Iceman get up, though.

so he actually had to drive his car by himself?

Turns out I have watched 2 GPs this year.
Vettel has some explaining to his team Management and team mate.
Team orders in place and Vettel goes against the team.

Webber said he was told to “turn his engine down”, presumably Vettel was told to do the same but he didn’t. If I was Mark I would just ignore all team orders for the rest of the year. Vettel is starting to remind me of Alain Prost. A total selfish arsehole. Of course Prost was French so that’s what you’d expect, don’t know what Vettel’s excuse is.

I especially like how much he celebrates after allegedly stealing the win. Fingers, swerving, standing on the car. The only thing missing was the cheering!

Errr German & World Domination? I’m sure we’ve seen this attempted before…

But he didn’t do it intentionally :confused:

How do you hear the radio, and ignore it, but not intentionally?

RBR added a tool to the workshop list. It’s called a Vettel Spanner. It never does what you want it to.

But Vettel is Helmut Marko’s golden boy so he’ll probably get away with it.

It’ll be interesting if he ends up winning the championship by less than 7 points.

fuck F1 and it’s stupid team orders. I just read the article about it.

my summary:

  • the team told both drivers the race was over before the finish and to just roll around effectively until the end.
  • the battle for 3rd was decided by team radio despite it being quite closely fought.
  • vettel wanted to win so badly he disobeyed team orders.
  • webber is pissed about it.

when the dollars effectively decide who’s going to win because the team are terrified someone might crash, what’s the fucking point?!?!

i hope team orders never appear in motogp.

Re: Hamilton.

Imagine quitting your job on Friday, then forgetting about it and accidently turning up to work there on Monday. bit awkward.

Froom v Wiggins could have gone the same way.