2013 Grand Prix

This season at least, I think it’s more a case of make sure you manage your fragile tyres and make it to the end of the race. If they thrash it out right to the end, there’s a good chance they’ll destroy the tyres and then both rapidly slip down the order. So from that point of view I think it’s fair enough.

But in cycling you kinda know at the start that one guy is supporting another… and that is a definitely a team sport.

F1 whilst there are teams its not so explicit at the start.

yeah and that fucking sucked too.

you’re probably right, I don’t watch it very often, and that’s because it got boring ages ago. they just need to actually race each other.

if they collided and one or both were taken out of the race, the team suffers.
it’s tough to think about it being an individual sport when there are teams.
this is also how i feel about cycling…(if you want the rant, i’ll organise it in the coming days and post it once complete)

much like any team ball sport, if you go for individual glory when there’s a safer option to get the same outcome, and you fuck it up…well, you’ll get dragged like a duck on a string by a toddler, then blasted like a mum giving a spray to her children cos they won’t behave in the supermarket.

ok then, it’s a shit team sport.

It’s a bit like cycling in that there’s a constructors and drivers championship. So it’s both a team sport and an individual sport.

And the contructors championship is tied in heavily with funding and prize money, which is really the reason the teams have ‘team orders’.

The only thing missing was the finger out the window…

Mark Webber cuts off Sebastian Vettel after Malaysian GP 2013 - YouTube

Darryl Beattie made a good point yesterday, when asked about team orders on the 500’s.
He said there was no radio, you just raced as fast as you could, end of story.

I do like that Webber had the balls to talk about it at on the Podium with Vettel right there.

I would’ve acted like a small child and crashed into him out of spite - “if I can’t win then neither can you!”

exactly, and it was awesome. also a fuckload more to lose if you crash, team mate or not.


Vettel is still a D-bag though.

Vettel is German. Same / Same.

So lets get rid of radios in cycling and F1.

Fwiw … the reason Webber is always shafted is that he’s only 98% as good as the best of his peers. That means he’ll be at a top team and play 2nd fiddle or he’ll be on a team with mid level cars battling for 10th place points (if that).

I do like watching him drive, I do think he’s very good but I don’t think Webber is as talented as the current best drivers. His situation therefore will always be compromised.

Webber has talent, to match most, however he only manages to bring it very occasionally (ie first win, drive through penalty and still miles ahead of everyone else).

Simple solution is to separate the win from the points. Team “instructions” will just go underground if you try to shut it down.

So to allow for manipulation of the outcome but not effect the racing, they should allow the teams to “swap” points within a certain timeframe after the end of a race in a potential “Team Orders” situation. If they did something like this we could still see real racing.

What I hate is that this “win” now counts towards his total tally of wins. It should be more like this back in the change room:

Vettel: I’ve won 27 races, I’m nearly at Stewarts record!
Webber: well actually you have won 15, team orders gave you 9 and your stole 3. Dickhead.

A bit of a throwback. Honda took the actual data from Ayrton Senna’s 1989 McLaren-Honda to create an audio/visual lap of Suzuka.