2014 overnight ride

Just putting down that we should do another overnighter.
Thinking at this stage June 7/8 - the Queen’s Bday weekend.

So just one night - at about 270ks total over the two days. And this leaves us 8 weekends and 3 public holidays to train up!
(don’t worry - i’m pretty soft ATM)
[and that gives everyone June 9 to recover]

I’m thinking a place called Killarney just over the Main Range. Will involve a bit of climbing (155km), but day 2 (115km) would be much easier and have an awesome section of downhill and a train home from Ipswich.

Probably a gears kinda ride, or SS

Who’s in?

EDIT - JULY 5/6!


Built a house out there years ago,
Great area but don’t expect open arms in town they kinda don’t like new folk haha
Great waterfalls though If I remember correctly

Keen, can’t promise anything cause #dadlyf but keen.

Yea keen for this, as long as I don’t have to share a bed with Scott again it will be fine

Have to change date to later in June so Tom can come and we get more time! yesss

weekend of 29th is a bad one… #melburnrooobay

yeah - ok we can push it back a week. but not sure if Tom can make it now. :frowning:
we can have a saturday morning training session soon and we can go through logistics and stuff.

I did a bit of a route map:
Brisbane to Killarney at Bikely.com

whats the go with logistics? Carrying gear on you or off load to a support car?

we should aim to do it on a wet weekend so we look like hardmen in the rain all black n white n shit

So doing a mt mee loop on saturday. see "saturday morning rides thread.

will be a good opportunity to talk logistics for this ride.

Only about 5 weekends to go so if you haven’t been training for hills - get going, it’s not too late.
Personally I’ve been a lot of time at coot-tha for the last 3 weekends. HILLS BRINGS THE SKILLZ


  1. No support car. we carry all our overnight gear (don’t bring anything you might not need - you won’t need it.)
  2. I’ll bring an iPhone charger and a USB cord and yoose can share.
  3. There’s two accom options - the pub, and a Motel about 250m down the road from pub.
  4. it will be COLD at night. Like if you look up BOM it will be roughly the temperature of Warwick. Thinking it might get in the single digits degrees at night and be just in double digits when we ride out on the sunday.
  5. In saying that arm-warmers and leg-warmers are remarkably efficient. But a light rain-jacket or long sleeve t-shirt as well are probs a necessity.


  1. I haven’t done this ride, I haven’t even driven it (not past Boonah anyway). It looks tough, but manageable. We are essentially travelling over the main range (the great dividing range). There are two stages to the climb. Some sections look quite steep.
  2. Day 1 is over 3000m of climbing - and I am guessing about 1600m of that is in the last 40ks. It will be an elevation record for me
  3. There is not much food or water options past boonah. In the last 70ks there is only 1 cafe - at the very top of the main range climbs. I will make sure this cafe is open on day we go!
  4. at the top, near the cafe is a 400m (return) walk to the Queen Mary Falls which is an option. We can just dump the bikes and take the stroll. These falls look pretty impressive on pics I’ve seen. Might just be a great way of getting all that lactic acid outta our legs too. Plus a great photo op!
  5. Day 2 we climb for a bit but then it’s mostly downhill and we have the train at Ipswich.

Would love to do this since i just got a road bike but I feel this would just be way to intense. Good luck thou!

Date confirmed?

Date claimer:

July 5/6

classical! dude - i don’t wanna dumb it down - it will be tough, but if you can comfortably ride 100k and can do a coot-tha in around 12mins without spewing — you’ll be fine.

I might come to Mt Mee and do that as a test run!

Ride Mt Mee anyway coz the nicest most consistent gradient scenic climb in BNE!

PROLLY ALREADY DID IT #trending #soprogressive

Do I need red wingz and artis-anal raw-jawnz to do this ride? Anyone confirm?

are all the roads tarmac or is there possible gravel?

CX bike with slicks and racks would be optimal