2014 TdF Fantasy League

It’s back!

Tour de France Fantasy

Competition Name: FOA

Competition Password: PAFT

For those who are serious, pay close attention to the scoring - stages have been split this year into Cat 1 and Cat 2, with Cat 1 stages getting more points. Could be crucial. Or, if you don’t care, put Matt Goss and Andy Schleck in your team. Whatever.

My team is locked.

Skid Pro Quo.

I’ve asked to join the competition.
Who approves me? Please?

*Beardoff Saxo is my team

You’re in! Might not show up in the league table for a day or so. But that won’t stop you putting your team together.

I have locked in a team.

*I have tinkered with my team. A lot. More than a lot. Maybe too much.

Team skybot is go. Loaded up with sprinters for week 1 so I’m hoping we don’t see a string of successful breakaways.

I’ll be in as soon as I can find time to check the stages and pick a team


Team Moustacha


There, I Fixed It

Fear the Sheikh.

Quack Team Racing

Team Solo-Attackoff

Joined Petes Pirates

Im in, Stabiloboss

In. Kapotte Moeron.

First time doing this, see how I go. Team AGB Doormat.

Looks like I’m out of the running. I lost all my transfers the other day.

Note for those of you still playing - The reason I lost my transfers is because I was looking at different combinations of riders and changing them before I saved. Unlike a different management game I play, this one isn’t clever enough to pick up that because I’ve gone from Rider1 to Rider2 and then settled on Rider3 before hitting the save button, it should only be 1 transfer and not 2.

Oh man, that sucks. I thought it was odd you’d used all your transfers.

Yeah. Was supposed to have had 8 left before yesterday’s stage

Well, much like the real thing, it was a Tour of attrition this year. Only 5 finishers by the looks of things.

5th was Jezza323 on 2828 points.
4th was Chicken Pants Men on 3087.
3rd was Avvocato on 3261.
2nd was ghostcar with 3346.

ghostcar probably would have won, had it not been for an untimely mechanical at the end of week 1.

I ended up 151st overall, with 4098 points (thanks to a bonus round score of 840 points on Hautacam).

Thoughts go out to Ezylee, who did a Matt White and broke his collarbone on the way to the prologue, scoring a total of zero points.

We’ll be back next year for the Froome vs Contador vs Quintana vs Nibali showdown.

Thanks for playing!