2015/16 chandler challenge series

Good find Dan, recon a few of us will be interested, Go.


Based on eight teams at $1100 per team and taking into consideration the costs for track hire & lighting, first aid, commissaire expenses etc prize money for the Chandler Challenge rounds will be approximately $1100/night across the eight teams.

Do you interpret this as
$1100 per team per night > $4400 per team for the whole series?


$1100 per night divided by the 8 teams > $140ish per team per night @ 5 riders + 2 reserves > bout $20 bucks each per night

If its the first option I’m out!

I didn’t read that far. I checked the entry form and it looks very much like $1100 for all of the series and has 5 name spots so it’s a team fee.

Total Entry Fees Payable - $1100.00

Each team must have at least one female rider for which there will be some ‘women only’ events

Will also have to recruit a lady to join in.

If any prize money is accumulated it must be spent with all team members in one sitting at the Bearded Lady

If their aim is to confuse the shit out of me then they have succeeded.

That’d be $55 each per evening. Shouldn’t there be 7 names including reserves? That’d be $40 each per evening. I read it as reserves def get a ride too.

> Is it wrong to split the cost with the reserves? Obviously you’d split the winnings if any with them.
> Says maximum of two A Grade riders. Thats actually A Grade riders right? Not #chandlerchewsdays A grade hey?

Genuine questions.

It’s a raw deal for the reserves. What if due to time constraints they don’t get a ride?
And yeh real A grade riders. You’d need a club handicap. I think I’m a B-grader.

The most worrisome thing for me is that I think this is the repsych series this year. No way can I commit to something like this. :frowning:

this all sounds bad.

To encourage more cyclists to ride the track a four (4) round Teams Series will be held throughout the 2015/16 track Season.

how exactly does requiring large financial investment and limited numbers encourage more riding? seems to be encouraging elitist competition if anything.