2015 FOA Pre-Roobaix Mixer


You taking over from Brendan?


It doesn’t matter, just some dude who used to hang here.


Dunno if I’ll make it, but someone get #zltnd for me.

Who will get your tyre’s?

I’ll be there on my crutches getting fully #zltnd

I’ll get em (again)

thesis should be submitted by then so will come and write myself off Richie Porte style!


you better

Will be down for the r00barb with some mates so we might swing by

Sweet, sounds like a goodnight.

hopefully not so much that i have to go home early but. heyoooo

first weekend after i finish my course.

But how’s it tie in with Sime?

Will he be mobile by the, or need a lift in a cargo bike?

I’ll be there on crutches

Can you please put bells on too?