2015 Giant Defy Advanced SS - The Disc Commuter

So after selling the CADi2 to put zipps on the BMC, i was lacking a dedicated commuter. From next year my youngest lad will be in school so no more daycare drop offs which means i can now commute full time

After riding in on the BMC a few times i just didnt like having to be so careful with it so started to research options, mainly single speed. I missed commuting on my matte black cannondale SS so wanted another. I thought i grabbed a bargain bianchi to convert but ended up being too big =(

Then i spotted a brand new 3 month old unused Defy Advanced with disc brakes, made an offer an ended taking it home at less then half the price of retail. Sold off the Tiagra kit, cranks and levers arrived yesterday arvo. Bit of wrenching and im pretty happy with where its at.

Running 50/16

you can flip some tensioners to push up, and shorten chain to make it look better, I don’t think its reccomended on a MTB but on a road bike I think it’d be fine.

Cheers Mike, will look into that. Ive also got a gusset tensioner which i could use to push up as thats not spring loaded.

Gonna try and find some magic gearing first.

Looks like a fun bike Jase! How bigger rubber can you squeeze in there?

Also, pop the dust cover off to slam that stem some more… HT is massive.

currently on 25s, 28s easy. Not sure how much bigger though.

HT is massive indeed, im looking for dust covers to suit giants OD2 1 1/4 inch, farkin impossible to find without spending $50 on a complete headset

Just flip stem to negative? or -17?

and 28’s is a good sweet spot for paved road biking I reckon. Lots of good cheap options, gets harder/expensive at 30/32.

P.S I like this more than your 'dales (sorry)

stems already flipped, i think its a ±8

Yeh, no rush on tyres my commutes all road so dont really need anything too fat.

as for the dale comment, imma ignore that!

-17 + Schwalbe One 28 tubeless.

This is super cool. Good idea.

Nice Jase!!
Single speed = Perth right?

cheers lads!

Yeh H, Perthlife.

Speaking of perth gearing, found the magic ratio at 50/16 and taking out a chain link. Happy days

I like it!

So good man!

crikey, my SS is 42/17 ha!

good stuff on the magic ratio

coz perth

s500 levers and slammed a little more

So good.

great build jase! must be awesome to ride. How much does it weigh?

cheers fellas

its about 9kgs, a carbon frame but factory wheelset is heavy!

rides quite nice, its used for commuting and thats on roads. Internal cabling is a little rattly at times, otherwise im pretty happy with it.

is it full length outer? a bit of foam tubing slid over the housing will fix that