2015 Melbourne Roobaix Invasion

yep, I think there’s a few people keen so lets keep the brisbane chapter chat central here.

June 28th 2015.


Not coming.

I have it marked in my calendar but I’m not super optimistic.

I’m thinking of doing a week stretch, get some of that victorian winter into my bones, maybe do some road rides

road trip? take 6 bikes each and cover every aspect of riding melbs

If there is good snow I won’t be in town if not I might sit some where and drink coffee

Plan for Scottys “rides”

Oh DK,
save $50 on ROOBAIX entry and top up the Miki card.

don’t worry DK you’ll just get DQed by ticket inspectors

regular programming then?

Looks like I’ll be able to make it to melbzz. Head down Friday, back Monday or Tuesday?
Keen to get doored on Collins and double tackflats on the boulevard.

keep it rubber side vertical at all times m8

did i mention…

Can Adelaide peeps come too?
Be good to catch up for a refreshing beverage.



jeebus. dates?

event ticket = booked

flights - wtf. not yet

I am coming.

haha rightyo mark, sweet HLC