2019 Pro Road Racing

C’arn James.

This Tour is freaking awesome. We’ve finally got a race where the best climber isn’t also the best at time trialling. 2012 kinda had this, but the TTs were so long that Wiggins was a shoe-in.

Best Tour since Cuddles’ win.

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agree its awesome Dave!

I mean the sensations have been through the roof for all parties.

Most exciting tour in recent memory! Seems to be so many team captains being shown up by the domestiques.

euro bike scene is only interested in results. Rohan gets them (when he wants). Somebody will sign him and roll the dice on handling him (Allan Peiper has historically been able to). He is far from the only person who has these issues in the peloton, his have just been far more visible…

Agree that this year has kept me very interested… lot to play for in the next few days and quite a few who could be up for it. Gee is going to go on a huge bender if he wins tho!

He’s been working on it. Half the time the camera cuts to him on the climb his tongue is hanging out

Penalty for Rowe & Martin seemed a bit harsh. Is there more going on than the incident they caught on the footage?

There’s footage from a bit before Martin threw that hook, that shows Rowe barge into the Jumbo train, and then force Kruisjwijk away from his team and into the middle of the peloton. It doesn’t look much at first, but it’s a pretty low act. Will see if I can find it…

The bit here from 28 seconds onwards… https://twitter.com/kd2357/status/1154080597146554369?s=09

You’re my favourite cycling news website. Thanks Dave. xoxo TRB.

Quintana and 3 teammates in the break with 7 minutes? If only he could stay there.

INEOS have fallen from the sky.

Thank god someone has decided to chase Movistar. Movistar are chasing Movistar.

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And then Ineos attacked. And then Ineos chased Ineos.

WTF is going on?!

Is this the Hunger Games edition??

should be more biff in pro cycling imo

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we are still no closer to who will take the win? i’m hoping a frenchman gets up

No mountaintop finish on the Galiber is a bummer. I’m guessing that it’s just too expensive to keep taking the whole circus to the top. Much cheaper to set up shop down in the valley towns. But it does mean fewer stages available to really make a selection.

I’m predicting that Quintana will get in another 5 minute break and take yellow.

Well that was an eventful evening…
Pretty gutted for Pinot.

I for one welcome the insanity of what is effectively a hill climb TT tonight…

m VdP kicked real early in the tour d arctic circle, skipped away & had time to turn around in the sprint to make sure he had enough gap & time to raise the fit in victory, he just won the last rnd of mtb xco world cup last weekend