2019 Pro Road Racing

my french is worse than shit, but they talking about miguel lopez thrashing the spectator overnight who bumped him, & rogelio got a 10sec penalty for a spectator pushing him…how the hell do you stop this, carry a baton??

I endorse this endorsement. Highlight of the Giro.

I’m only endorsing the endorsement of the original endorsement so I can highlight my general endorsement of knocking stupid pricks out.

New team role perhaps? The Bélier!
Stays out front and beats away the spectators.

[m VdP] is going to race road worlds (https://www.facebook.com/globalcyclingnetwork/photos/a.134374393384959/1335767673245619/?type=3&theater)
i’m a happy guy, hopefully the dutch can find a strong team to get him the win… wout VA to pace third

Wonder what racing he’ll do as prep?

Froome broken leg!
Blown off his bike by wind on a descent doing recon for TT last night

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Took hands off the bars to blow snot out his nose

if its anything like Beloki then thats the end!!!

As much as I’m not a Froome fan, pretty disappointed he won’t be at the Tour.

You gotta wonder about the rate the pro’s break femurs…

Limited weight bearing exercise and obsession with weight control probably bordering on malnutrition.

u forgot hardcore weight loss drugs

broken leg, hip, elbow, ribs… fucking hell, that’s a solid slam.

Yeah, all that would do it.

i meant pelvis, not hip.

6 or half really… ouch.

But Froome drinks plenty of Malk!

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Wout VA, beats the best TT in the world yesterday, then rocks up to crack the sprint ahead of Bennett & alaphillipe, now he is the No1 helper for kruisweik in the mountains…versatile or what? PS what else could he do on a big pro team with actual support

Looking forward to WVA v VdP

I for one welcome our new cyclocross overlords.