2019 Pro Road Racing

Looking forward to Flanders. The real start of the road racing year for me.

What a cracking race! van der Poel’s crash was nutso.

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"he loves his mama’s pasta; he and Phinney, eager to escape and relax, smoked cigarettes on the rest days of the Tour de France two years ago. "

Watched a clip of MVDP’s crash and subsequent chase, then his contributions at the front of the race. Far out he looked good!
Women’s race seemed too short (or otherwise too easy), as usual, to get a proper classics selection going. Good to see it was called out by Van Vleuten. 150k is just nowhere near enough to wear em out… I haven’t checked world champs distances in the past few years, but i hope the women’s race is closing the gap on the mens.


MVDP is good… i am wondering if anyone has won a WT/Protour and a MTB world cup in the same year… this could be the year (next year he will be likely focusing on his tokyo olympic bid in MTB rather than these road shenanigans)

the womens world road race is still much shorter than the mens. no sign of a change either i believe.

Great race to watch. I couldn’t believe that when Gilbert got off the front in a group of 4 the commentators didn’t notice for quite a while. I was sitting there and saw the name P. Gilbert in the list, still not a word from Keenan or McEwen. I started to think that there was a different P. Gilbert going around, maybe a domestique called Pete who was unworthy of mention. While they kept talking about Van Aert coming back and Sagan following wheels good ole Phil was making the big move.

Great effort from Hausdog to keep get back but not enough sensations to compete in that line-up.

I was planning to go to bed after the Arrenberg because I was so fucking tired,but I couldn’t stop watching.

absolute champion, love this man.

“What are you in the race for if you’re not going to pull?”


Saw a video recently where Haus-dog said his first roubaix he was a last minute callup and figured he wasn’t vaguely prepared so he started the race with an mp3 player on his pocket. he chuckles at that point like maybe riding his first roubaix with music was that common, or might seem amusing.

i can only imagine what it would be like smashing cobbles with euro-trance blasting in your ears and dust in your frosted tips…

just peaking to sandstorm as you enter the velodrome, would there be a bigger moment in sport?

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matthieu VDP FINISH AT AMSTEL WAS SENSATIONAL, Lead the sml bunch for last few km;s gets to alaphillipe/fugslang sprints over everyone. mich clarke great ride, hasn’t had many results lately, 2nd is great.
how many riders win amstel at 1st attempt…

Cant wait to watch it tonight. A bit gutted for Clarke, but sounds like this was an all-time finish. I’m happy MVDP got a good result, he has been so bloody strong over the past few weeks. Now bring on XC season! Edit: watched it, goosebumps. Such a hero move.

Great effort by MvdP (and Clarkey).
The race itself wasn’t as enthralling as some other classics
Thrilling last minute but it was pretty static for the prior 30km or so

LBL: Alaphillipe or Valverde? Or…?

Haha, f***, Valverde just abandoned.

The weather is terrbile.

Bobridge admits to taking cocaine and ecstasy during career

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“Next contestant Sybil Fawlty from Torquay, special subject the bleeding obvious.”

This is the road to to Passo Gavia. The Giro is due to go through here in 7 days.

It’s a little snowy…

Thats his contract secured for another year. And some more shoes for his collection…