24 Hour MTB Championships

Some of you may or may not know that last weekend was the World Solo 24 Hour MTB Championships, as well as the Scott 24 Hour MTB race. One of the Canberra guys here competed in the solo race (simplespeed) and from all reports, did extremely well!

Just wanted to share a story up on Cycling Tips. I thought it was a good read.
World 24-Hour Championships

My version of the weekend wasn’t so epic as the solo guys. I competed in a team of 4 singlespeeders. One rule we implemented was to down a beer after every lap, the beer can was then used to record our lap time, and time in to make sure we all knew where we were at.

Here is a video I put together of our teams effort.
YouTube - Scott 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Great watch!!
What type of camera did you use?

Thats the GoPro HD. Awesome little camera.

I have to agree, those little cameras are real good. Took one to Japan at the start of the year, to the snow, got some really good footage. Handled a -20 day with no problems.

Also nice vid, i should had gone and checked it out.

Ah rad, good to know. I am heading to Japan in Feb!

That blog is great, good recap on the event!

The beer after every lap is funny, good work mate

If your using it at the snow make sure you bring lithium battery for the low temps. Others will not work.