24hr spot

Anyone out there want to fill my spot in the Scott24hr this weekend, in Canberra? (I can’t get the right mix of leave+cash to justify it)

Team of 4, m!key is captain, entry is paid (though you could pay me back if you wanted to). It’s on this weekend (Saturday 7th Oct - Sunday 8th), full details at:

PM, email roguedubb at livejournal dot com

It can’t be done, and it’s nothing to do with the Scott 24hr.

I can remove your account and you can register again.

All of this is not finding me a team-mate! :wink:

This is our team:


We’ll be awesome, come join us!


Yeah I caught a whiff of that too, but since spammers invariably don’t engage in conversation this one gets the benefit of the doubt, for the tiem being.

In case anyone’s forgotten, I loathe spammers.

how did everyone go? I haven’t slept since 5am saturday. Rode all night. I’m fucked.

  • Joel