25.4mm bars on 26mm stem??

Ok, Stupid question…

Is there a way to use 25.4mm bars on a 26mm stem?

I just bought some nitto bars off the internet and stupidly didn’t check the size before i bought them.

Thanks in advance.

if its a stem with a faceplate, you MAY get away with it.

if its a quill stem you just need to get a shim. nitto make one, as im sure other companies do, or you can just use some thin aluminium (coke can) and make your own.

thought so… :stuck_out_tongue:

found this one, but the postage is a bit high for something that weighs the same as a 10c piece.


I think i’ll make my own.
Thanks!! :lol:

You don’t have to get them from the US you know.

Try Abbottsford or even Shifterbikes.

I’ve tried the homemade shim before and I’ve never been totally happy with it. ‘Real’ shims are worth it I reckon.