$250 Hillman track

HILLMAN SUPERPISTA Classic track frame pista fixie Reynolds ken evans paconi | eBay

Good BIN price.

double crown, nice colour, bit of rust. Good buying IMHO.

oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn


correct answer…

can i hide it at your house?!?!?! hahaha


all good. Did you need? haha


course you can, then if i buy the green repco trip-tri it’ll live at yours :smiley:

not at all, but as many will tell you, i have a soft spot for real hillmans…

relax, your text sealed it for me, if i end up not wanting it or it’s too small, who you think is gonna get it?!

sweet. isn’t the triple triangle a tad big though?

slammed post and bars, easy done.

I got up from my desk 30 minutes ago and missed this thread!!! I would have snapped that to match my roadie straight away!!! Farkkkkkkkkkk!!!

Edit same decals too less the team colour bits, as my roadie is in team colours.

nice, but that rust around the headtube lugs looks a little dubious…

you mean the text that said “how nice is that hillman on the forum, and i do have a spare 250 bux, hmm…” ?

That guy is officially the FOA ebay seller of the week.

guess that answers the text i sent you…

what else he sell?

ahah shit run of luck lately aye dood

chyeah ha ha!!! doh!

we WA fellas need to look out for each other!!!

it got sold to a wa fella don’t worry. and it’ll probably end up in the hands of a wa lady eventually :slight_smile:

In WA??? you ex-pats don’t count!

And when I move out of this glourious state, neither will I! ha ha