252 Gear Inches

Chainring strike in corners?

108MPH IN 1941!

…oh, and brakeless.

Can you imagine the torque it would take to get this thing spinning?

Would it be worth having any 1941 vintage brakes at 108mph?

Seen this in person (it’s from a suburban bike shop in BC, Canada). The chainring is suitably impressive in real life.

a couple of my friends have some stories from the old owner of the store about it being ridden. I’m pretty sure the record was motor-paced (hence the backwards ‘facing’ forks to increase stability at high speeds).

I was wondering about those forks like that.

I thought they ended up that way because the guy was doing bar spins to show off.

The main reason was to allow the rider to get closer to the roller on the motorcycle (or car in this case) in front for better drafting. That is the reason for the far-forward seats and (generally) long stems on motor-pace bikes.

would the 650 fromt be for the same reason?

650’s were invented so there was more room for bar spins.

Of course.