27" forks???

I bought this

and today got my areoheads shipped from South however the rear wheel looks the goods but the front has a couple of issues
1- wheel axle is too big for fork lugs
2- too much clearance (it’s like 7cm from rim to lowest part bridge of fork)

Have I got the wrong size forks?

axle just needs like 1mm clearance - just dremel or die grind it out a bit

^ dremel or grind out 6.99cm of my forks?

Wow it’s that easy to fix??? :wink:

sorry, I was talking about item 1. wheel axle too big for fork drop outs

brain not working so well but by memory older axles were 6mm and new ones are 8mm so you need to take about 2mm out of the drop out?

maybe its a 700 frame not 27"?

^ yeah I think you’re right…

how do I tell what the forks are?
how and where do I measure?

maybe I should just lean them up again the ones I have on my other bike that ARE 700cc??

forget it, lock/delete this thread