27 inch frame...

I’ve been searching for a bike for 'Ness and this just appeared on ebay today:


It’s rather tempting, but 27 inch wheels are an unknown for me…

I’m unsure of the ramifications or difficulties involved in fitting a front brake to the bike as-is (27 inch wheels in 27 inch frame). Will a standard, modern caliper work OK - are the clearances the same as a 700c wheel in a 700cc frame/fork?)?

Also, if I were to fit a 700c fork to the frame, would the geometry be thrown out of whack too badly? I’m guessing the BB will be slightly lower and the head angle slightly steeper?

I hope someone can help with some advice, Ta, m.

Knowing the sort of person you are mj, I would suggest not doing the 700c wheel in 27" frame. Not so much in terms of function but in terms of form. If vanessa doesn’t mind the way the bike handles or looks, sure, 700c wheels will work and you can even find the right brakes for it. But trust me, you will not like it.


BTW, if vanessa hasn’t been sized for a bike yet, you can borrow the Atala. Let her ride it for a while and have a better idea on suitable bike sizing. It’s 52 ST, 53 TT, has front brake and 170mm cranks. Gearing is 39 x 16.


Thanks Des, that would be good actually, I’ll be in touch!