27" Ladies Repco resto

Had this tucked away for 18 months and decided to pull my finger out and finish it.

I love it, and my wife loves it even more. She rode it up and down the street the other day for 45mins
like a kid on Xmas morning and wants to ride it every where…???
Considering she has a Cinelli roadie, a Cinelli Mash and a Redline 29er, I think this is a bad thing!

I bought a bike similar to this for my girlfriend. I’m now feeling pretty inspired to finish the job :wink:

Looks rad, I’m building something similer (Always wanted to build a girls bike, I’ll probably give it to my Sister) Where did you get the paint done?

Love it!

Really clean job.
I can’t tell but I’m guessing that you have a coaster brake installed. What is it?