28 spokes enough?

I’m about to get a new set of wheels for the track (Dura-Ace - Sapim CX - Aerohead) and am wondering if 28 is enough for the torque etc that you put through them?

I’m still fairly new to the velodrome so haven’t go that much experience with these things.


ps. What’s with the hating Velocity rims I’ve read on here? Is it cause they’re like pubic hair? Every cunts got one?

Velocity rims> they’re not expensive, they come in designer colours and they’re not made by french people…what’s not to like?

I just did a quick search… looks like Velocity is almost universally recommended and or used on this forum. There appears to be only one objection to them based on practical reasons:

Otherwise there are two instances of Velocity dislike, both seem to be based on aesthetics…

So really, no hatred at all. :slight_smile: Velocity good.

There are some stray remarks about them being less than true from new and more likely to warp and not eyeletted on the various bike forums… but they are cheaper then the rims they are compared to. If you want to spend more, do it and get a better rim.

And… smile.

Velocity rims are generally not pretty. But they are cheap and they work better than most other cheapie rims. Good value for money.

Highly recommended.

28 hole wheels will work fine as long as you’re not a heavy fella. But given the same hub and rim, a 32 or 36 hole wheel will feel slightly stiffer than a 28 hole one.


That’s what I thought! :smiley:

I should have the new wheels early next week, looking foward to them!

velocity and mavic are the only rims reccomended by that famous touring bike shop in the states (insert name if anyone can remember it) apparently they are the only two companies that put out consitently true rims. velocity are unreal, a little heavier than most, especially deep Vs, but still rockin good rims.

and 28 is enough. no dished 28 is about as strong as a 40 spoke dished 130mm road wheel if i remember correctly.

oh come on Garth you know it’s the build, not the rim which determines strength!


  • Joel

So I should be extra careful with these wheels? :smiley:

I’m pretty sure that Shimano would not make 28 hole hubs and put the Dura Ace name on them if they were going to be rubbish.

I’d say ride 'em, they’ll be cool. As has already been said, the number of spoke crosses make more of a difference than the spoke numbers in this case. Your 28 hole whatever-cross wheels will be just fine. If the wheels were laced radially, they’d be more flexy than they are now but still be fine to ride on. For example, the front wheel on my Trek MTB was a radially-laced 28 hole wheel and although it flexed noticeably at times, compared to a cross-laced wheel, it was totally fine to ride on. I think they specced it merely because it looked cool!

Also keep in mind that people are lacing up 20 hole (and less) front wheels radially and they work just fine.

I’ve got a 16 spoke front wheel that works just great.

I’ve used my road Ksyrium Elite many times on the track (its got 16 or 18 spokes. can’t remember, and its too cold outside to go count them in the shed) and its as stiff as a board, and very lively.
I like!

MJ I think I remember ready an article or something (could’ve been god) a while ago re: Strength according to cross count, that said 1 is better than 2, 2 is better than 3, but after that it starts going back down hill. So saying that I’ll get these 28H DA hubs done 3X when I get around to it.

2 cents…

Isn’t that already downhill? Guy - you should have taken a break from study to come out riding. We had Churros!


How do all the old-school four-cross track wheels fit into that theory then Chris?

Fixed :slight_smile:

(we all knew what you meant anyways!)


Nath - Yes I think I should’ve come out instead of trying to understand the difitions for paravertabral sympathetic ganglia and the differences between acute and chronic inflammation Head is ready to explode bargh Feel free to come visit with some CHURROS!

MJ - 4X would fit into the ‘going down hill part’ i.e. Disadvantages outweigh the advantages For reasons I fail to remember, so please don’t ask!

Garth - Thanks :oops:

Nick - 100mm? Thats some big arse flange!


I’m pretty sure CHURROS don’t travel well… but maybe we can work something out this Wednesday :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure CHURROS don’t travel well… but maybe we can work something out this Wednesday :slight_smile:

Negative capitano, am working Wed, free Tue and Thu this week…

Thread hijack, sorry!