29er fork and stuffs

Hey all.
I am putting together a bike for SS Nats in December.
I want to depart melbs by train and ride up/down to Woodend from (…?) over a couple of days.
I have a freeload /and a backpack for ultralight style campouts with minimal cooking, mostly just coffee.

some lads on here had a group buy on a 29er carbon fork a while back, but i can’t find it.

I need a fork ,prefer rigid, prefer carbon, but not a deal breaker, ~490mm a to c.
44mm head tube means i can go tapered if i use an ext lower race, so if any of you brevet /tour divide types are upgrading i’m keen.
I don’t just want to bang down on any old alibaba deals coz i like to jump and I just spent 5 k on my teeth.


User: DICE, Aeons and myself all own one (maybe the group buy you’re referring to).

Used by both Dan and myself on the Kiwi Brevet. Recommended, just replace the axle that comes with it.

What did you replace it with?

Haven’t replaced it yet. But to be matchy matchy with rear, probably the DT Swiss RWS axle

Stripped the allen key on current one, so it can only be tightened by that 15mm bolt -_-"

Thanks Tom. What was price …cheaper in bulk?

We got a $10USD per fork discount + shipping was the same.
Worked out to like $180au ea shipped last year from memory.

I’ve been riding the XMIPlay forks in anger on some pretty gnarly trails at my local trails (grade 4-5 and techy) and down in Rotorua, flowy but with areas of heinous brake bumps. No need for new teeth yet (touch wood). They’re pretty robust forks.

Got a set of these and no 15mm axle included. Did you guys pay extra for one? It doesn’t fit a ‘standard’ 15mm rock shock thru axle.

Aww that sucks. Nope does not fit a standard Maxle. Dunno why they ship without them as its pretty much a propriety axle. you should hit them up and get them to send you one.

FWIW it is this:

( Its basically a 15mm QR with a nut; not a internally camming Maxle.)

EDIT: nope. Ours came with the thru axle included in the price.

Been in touch with the vendor & he’s selling the axle & nut for USD 15. The fork was really cheap but freight was sort of expensive but fast. Will be spewing if he charges for a second lot of freight.