3 in 1, newest builds

So started clearing out my 2009 range, making way for my 2010 range of bikes
to feed my addiction.

Picked this SE Lager up off ‘ridethepony’ two weeks ago.
Decked it out for my mrs ‘spare, spare bike’.

Its running:-

Schwalbe Stelvio tyres
Velocity Deep V wheels
Charge Bucket Saddle
Promax post
Cinelli Vai stem
Truvativ Stylo bars
Oury Grips
Lasco cranks 46t
17t roselli track cog
As well as the frame, I powdered the Chain
and Sora front brake.
And just to piss people off who didn’t like
the fact I stuck a Bianchi decal on her other fixie,
The Pink Pinarello decals are for your enjoyment.

Also I built up our new roadies.
Hers is a 56cm
Aluminuim frame/carbon fork.
full 10sp 105
Velocity Helios Wheels
Stelvio tyres.
Though I may consider advertising it,
as its still a tad big for her.

I decked mine out with
Sram Force group
Carbon bars/post etc
18/24h Deep V’s

hows the alloy/carbon colnago ride? a mate just got one of those but hasn’t built it up yet, wouldn’t mind a brief review.

also, those lagers are a lot more relaxed than i remember.

Goose what you’ve done to my old Lager is a huge improvement - looks great!

All the shades of pink match up damn near perfectly except for the seat. But hey, if its got a butt on it, you wont see it (no, I’m not saying your fiance’s butt is big by any means). How well does a powdercoated chain hold up to wear?

I dont go for it, but hey, your bikes, your rules. I like how the VISP came up in the other post.

Yeah I might have to ditch the saddle. But thats what I keep saying, once your on it…
Chains are perfect, I’ve done 10 or so like that. never wear off. runs super smooth, super quiet, just make sure it is 100% clean and dry.

Havent ridden it yet, been raining. May ride it to work 2moro. Quality looks as you’de expect from Colnago. Feels nice, light and stiff. Everything went together fine, they just jibbed me the 10c plastic shifter cable mount for under the BB!

wow those colnagos are nice. i need to get myself a geared bike. give me a pm if you would like to sell.