3 leading 3 following

laced my first wheel ina 36h 3 leading 3 following, very cool looking but was asked when entering my lbs if ti was for a show bike? i took it a do not ride this wheel. any thoughts?

A. What do you mean by this?

B. What is crows foot? Is it like the snowflake pattern?

Nah, you’re good to go. It’s just unusual and might be something that someone would do for a show bike, is how I would interpret their comments. Roll on.

sorry got my lacing names wrong. 3 leading 3 following is the correct name seen here http://www.terminalvelocity.demon.co.uk/WheelBuild/
looks hot but not sure about the strength. but have seen crows foot rear any thoughts, can it handel fixed?

A. What do you mean by this?

B. What is crows foot? Is it like the snowflake pattern?
snowflake involves wrapping spokes around each other - tough wheels but you can only do it once, I don’t think they come with an ‘undo’ option. crow’s foot has every third spoke laced radial, and then the spokes before and after it both cross to make a * near the hub.

the london gents seem to be all over snowflake wheels, they’re two of the top three google results for ‘wheel lacing snowflake’ …

… and melbourne’s human powered are all over the crow’s foot. although some of those images look familiar. (I built a front up, two leading two trailing, 32h, it was good that it looked almost the same as regular 2x but it was fun watching some people go ‘… hey wait a minute’. And spoke cards would fall out. Oh nos :cry:

[reads your newer post]

oh okay cool - got pics?

yer got some i will put up later .the wheel patern in the background of the link i put is the patters i did. after being told dont do it i laced the thing radial last night but then i need to work out if ‘heads in’ or ‘heads out’ was the wasy to go ,… decided on heads out.

hey luke i recon you would be right to use crows feet on a front wheel but not on a back, i did some more research on it and it seems a few people do it.

With the radial you should have the spoke head on the inside of the hub, for a better line i am told. and it looks neater.

also the la cheapo single is up and running will post some pics soon!!

ps thanks for the new hair do purds love it hahahha :mrgreen: