3 Rensho Athlete

Something’s just not right here.
3 Rensho Athlete, | eBay

Dat stem! It must be just in the head tube!

Used to see lots of dudes rocking funny bikes with the mad risors in ol’ East London. Brick Lane Bikes were pumping them out for a while there (…and they probably still are).

Its an aquired taste for sure.

Athletes are much scarcer than the Exports, I wish I’d never sold mine.

Like this bad boy:

eh eh?!

Would ride.

EDIT: The 3rensho, not the other one.

Here’s a frenchie version - 400GBP BIN

MBK Columbus SL Track Pursuit Pista frame 56cm Fillet Brazed A-condition. Rossin | eBay

and i also wish i didnt sell that bike,although looking at it did remind me of my stolen phil wood wheel,FUCK SWANSTON STREET

If it had been bigger id still own it. Did you see the red roady I picked up in the US a few years ago?

Saw it this morning, still being ridden regularly.

That’s good, it is such a nice frame. Pity the decals got trashed, they were what really set it apart.

Ha! I remember Hillbilly sold a Rourke funny bike to Joe with a 24inch front wheel. He rocked dariz orsz but to his credit the stem was normal height.