30 seconds to Mars - Kings and Queens

Big crew in this film clip

old video clip is old :roll:


the only good thing in that clip is the huge tall bike :sunglasses:

A band appropriating fix-ie culture- boring

just saw the film clip then and what are the fixed gear riders in LA think going in that film clip. and yes the only good think in it is the tall bike.

but jared is so dreamy

causing laughter because of absurdity; provoking or deserving derision; ridiculous; laughable: a ludicrous lack of efficiency.

i had to turn this off half way through when i saw it on the tele
dear me indeed

wow, that’s incredibly bad.

i’m not sure what’s worse, the filmclip/song or the comments of adoration after it on youtube about how powerful the message is…

bad bad bad

i think both are bad the filmclip/song and the comments

The comments on the myspace page sum up what I think…

[i]Fran - Dingo

The best thing about 30 sec­onds is you would nev­er guess by lis­ten­ing that a fa­mous ac­tor is in the band. I know I’m ex­plain­ing this wrong lol… nvm… at least I know what I mean. [/i]

Go shiv yourself Fran.

this is a horrible band.
silly actor trying to make more cashhhh

ha thats LA for you, everyone always trying to make a buck. every rider in that got 100 bucks for 12 hours of filming

…and he was soo good in ‘Requiem For A Dream’ too

03.02 he stops pedalling…is he skidding or coasting

SS all the way!

^ soft cock…although he did shag Caneron Diaz

I bet the Hollywood Actors Guild or whatever has a new clause in all their contracts, something like:

“When increasing ‘cool factor’ or ‘cred’ by riding a bicycle in a music video/commercial/film, all actors must ride appropriate “tarck” bikes appropriately fitted with single speed mechanisms to avoid any possibility of death/injury/embrarrassing low speed topple-over. This rule especially applies to young Hollywood muppets with limited experience of the actual outside world.”

Except for Ewan McGregor :wink:

FFS, what is it about Ewan McGregor that makes him immune to criticism?!
He’s just another celebrity that’s jumped on the fix.ie bandwagon.

Nothing. I just find it funny he’s actually riding fixed, not on some SS tarck bike.