300 for Neville - Fundraising Ride

Hey guys - I’m doing a fundraising ride for Cam McFarlane, Brunswick club legend. 300 km around the Bay on my track bike. Happy to have company for all or part of the way.

March 9.

FB event herefor everyone except Roland. You’ll have to talk to me in person for the details, Roland.

Be sweet if you could donate also, if you dig the spirit of the thing. Cam does so much for junior development across Victoria. The hours he keeps and the km’s he clocks up each week are astounding. Plus I’m in love with that bike and miss it dearly…

took the liberty of inviting a few more of brunswick’s finest to the facebook event. hope that’s ok. did not invite cam.

Appreciate it Brenno. Totally ok. In fact I’m hoping people do exactly that.

Yeah not sure how to tell Cam. I already said that I was planning on doing it months ago, but I still reckon I’ll have to evade a left hook.

I’m prepared to put extra money up for duggan to mono across the line, or for a final km sprint preem (void if people dont get out of the saddle).

Mapei Paris-Roubaix style 1-2-3 finish at HSV.

All these things can happen. SCR - making dreams reality.

I’m in Duggan, Ride and some moula… Not too much, just a few non coffee days :wink:

Thanks Snail. Any contribution will be more than appreciated mate. People have been too generous already!

Now with route map!


Duggan - if you can spot me I will hand you $50 after the event at the end of March.

Running tally of funds raised?