$300 hillman track

I http://m.gumtree.com.au/hillman-track-bike/v?adId=1011582340#track%20bike

absolute bargain - hope someone here got this

I did, and yes, bloody bargain

I’ll take odds on how long this one lasts.

Nice work

So you posted it up in the eBay section after you bought it.


Ah, yeah? I thought that too…

I posted it up, and when tally mentioned it was a bargain, i bought it.

lol couldn’t have happened. I tried to buy it yesterday morning and it was sold

mmmmmm, very interesting

Im picking it up in balaclava tomorrow at 11am for $300;?

post a picture.

Cheaper than the next rear window it will be used to destroy, too soon?

Take some back up…


Will mum be driving you? I’m amazed she’s letting you get another brakeless, fixay.

Likewise. As someone who is older and hopefully wiser, I recommend you learn from your mistakes and fit a fucking brake. Maybe even two. You were lucky to get off as lightly as you did, injury-wise.

listen to the pack Ray

otherwise you could be x-ray