30ks Commute - No Shower

I’d love to take the bike every now and then to ride to work. The problem is that I live on the Northern Beaches and work in the CBD which is roughly 30ks one way with a couple of hills. Our office doesnt have a shower and I am not a member of any gyms. Would you even consider riding that far without being able to have a shower? I’d just ride for fun and for mixing it up during the week but I dont want to hassle my colleagues all day long. Anyone doing this with success? Just taking it easy on the way in?
We should have communal bike lockers with shower in this city but what am I dreaming really. Its Sydney after all.

I’d do it if it means either that or some other shitty way of travelling. A wet flannel in a sink (the old ladies call it a sparrow wash) works a treat on pits and face if you’re that worried about it.

In winter i’d do about 20km to Uni and that was fine. Just had a change of shirt when I got there. In summer, Spring and most of Autumn I’d either not ride or have a shower when I got to uni.

wet wipes, just dont flush em.

Do it. Just have a clean shirt to change in to and if anyone says anything just say you’re allergic to deodorant.

I did it a few days a week a few years back, and I sweat heaps.

just took a full change of clothes & deo etc.

I’m not a super smelly guy though, despite sweating at the sight of the weather forecast.

Two towels: one wet, one dry. Towel off with wet towel then dry.

I’ve got showers and lockers at my work, but I’d do the above if I didn’t.

Have you checked with building management to see if there are any showers anywhere at all? There’s sometimes showers in disabled-access bathrooms, or hidden away in basements.

I like that 2 towels system and no we dont. It must be one of the oldest buildings in the CBD where we are and its actually quite small. If there were showers anywhere I’d know. The closest that we have to a building manager would be me.

You should get some showers installed then :stuck_out_tongue:

Did a 20km commute mostly-weekly for a few years. Endorse the 2-towel system, supplement with baby wipes for added freshness. Leave deo, some shirts, pants and shoes at work to save carrying. All I carry in my backpack is socks, jocks, sometimes lunch, my phone and wallet.

Ask the building manager to approve putting a shower in…

Also consider the possibilities of a local gym membership?

I would say my summer sweaty-ness doesn’t really change/increase once I get over 5km in distance, and have worked in jobs where its never been a problem, did the towel solution and in 20-30 minutes you’re back to normal, especially if it is an aircon’ed office.

Towel + change of clothes after you stop sweating, get to work a bit earlier if you have to or avoid morning meetings.

boys at my work swear by the wet wipe down, wasn’t aware there was protocol on not flushing them, why’s that?

They don’t ‘dissolve’ for lack of a better word like bog roll does.

yeah good to know, I’ll let em know that and suggest they stop, we have bins, that a no brainer

they’re trying to ban them aren’t they? or at least ban the term ‘flushable’.

also, this - Fatberg ahead! How London was saved from a 15-tonne ball of grease | Waste | The Guardian

I do 25kms with no shower when I ride, just a change of tshirt and deodorant, I sweat a fair bit, but as was said, half an hour in Aircon and I’m dry and cool. I’d probably recommend merino and panniers or a rack as well, try and minimise the sweat

If you’re near one of the larger buildings you could consider asking for access to their shower facilities for a cost. Big buildings like the good PR. All new buildings in the CBD now have to have them, I believe.

I am going to give it a try I guess and then I’ll see how I go. Thanks guys, a lot of motivation happening.

I used to do bunch rides before work with no shower, just wet wipes, deodorant and wash my face wet hair in the sink.