32h 120mm SS cassette hubs

hey guys…

I’m after a 32h 120mm spaced cassette hub to run on my single speed CX bike.

I thought it would be a perfect idea to run a BMX race hub except pretty much all of them only come in 28h or 36h and i have a pair of 32h rims already waiting for this build that I really want to use.

I’m after something similar to the now out of production a Shimano DX hub so I can easily change rear cog choice (and use larger cog sizes)…

not really interested in spending big bucks on something like a Chris King/Profile hub etc… hoping there is an intermediate option to keep the build within budget.

Has anyone had a similar need/issue or have any ideas for me?


You won’t find many SS specific 120mm cassette hubs I reckon.
A DOS eno freewheel might work for you although the cog combos are kinda limiting… but could still work

If you don’t want to pony up for CK / Profile / Hope you’re going to have to get creative.[1-3]

I’d just get a 36H rim for the rear and a BMX hub, rather than restrict your hub choices.

[1]: Sturmey S3X uses Shimano spline, do their 3sp / SS hubs also use it now?
[2]: I saw a sweet Hope SS disc hub, it has a cutdown cassette body on it, perhaps you could get choppy with a 32H 7/8 sp freehub, if you have the right tools at hand.
[3]: Get a 19-22T White Ind / ACS freewheel and a bunch of chainrings.
[4]: Double-double: A Dos Enos or a freewheel on each side of the hub, plus two rings up front will give you a wide range of gears. I had 16/18 - 40/42 giving me 60/63/67/70".

Edit: BMX hubs were 110mm, are they still? Will you need an axle swap to space it out?

thanks dudes,

Tom: the DOS and a couple of different front rings might be a good option as the On One Il Pompino has a relatively long dropout.

Blakey: I just have a pair of rims I really want to use for this build as the front wheel is already rolling.

I might try and get creative with the existing 8spd hub, nothing to really lose there…

I’ll look into the Sturmey archer SS hubs.

I have a feeling this Specialized might contain what I am needing… I’ll try and get in contact with them tomorrow.
Specialized Bicycle Components : Rockhopper SL Comp 29 SS

EDIT: yeah Blakey, but spacing form 110mm to 120mm wont be too much of an issue.

The Specialized wheel could be a goer, as long as it’s not 135 with a wide hubshell.

The S3X weighs a ton, but worth investigating. American Classic & DTSwiss also make SS cassette hubs, but OLD spacing and cost will scupper you.

yeah the s3x is out of the question due to weight… so i’ve got my fingers crossed on the Specialized hub

or i’ll be ordering the DOS freewheel and a Velocity track hub.

i hate being a uni student and actually wanting to purchase things.

I found out the other day that if you run rear brakes the long track ends aren’t as much use as they appear. If the wheel is near the end of the track end the brakes won’t reach the rim.

And…you could space the stays out to 130mm no worries.

I’ll trade you your Cannondale for a CK SS hub?




hmmm, I was uncertain about respacing the rear of the frame, as i wasn’t sure if it’d effect the chanistay bridge/seatstay wishbone junction welds.

i suppose the rear stays could be heated with an oxy?

Well I’m no expert but Dan cold set his to 135mm I think. And he said I could cold set mine to 130mm no problem.

Yeah good call.
that way I can just use my existing wheelset and save some coin… I’ll also have more freedom with chainline options using the 8spd rear cassette SS rather than some SS specific cassettes which have a dedicated cog position.

should be rolling in a week hopefully!

And if you were worried about respacing 10mm, just use an old 7sp 126mm hub.

A couple of comments about 2 different approaches:

  1. If respacing, cold setting not hot setting is what Sheldon recommends and it’s what I’d do too. Heating your frame again is likely to weaken it, especially if you don’t cool it correctly for the type of steel used. Use a stringline from each side of the front of the frame to get both sides spaced the same. You need to get the 2 dropouts or trackends parallel afterwards too. Use 2 old QR axles with a couple of lock nuts each and a QR skewer with the end taken off it. The skewer passing through smoothly from one axle to the other tells you you are close, and when you can see straight through, it’s done. Don’t use the axles as levers like the Park tool for the job - not well enough clamped. Use a very big shifter. The measuring function of the axles might be of a bit less value if they get bent.

  2. If you have the rims already, you are within $100 of setting up an M756 front hub as per the way Velo Solo in the UK sell the bits. You can do a few things cheaper, but their cogs and axles are the essential bits of the conversion. The AUD is still pretty good against the GBP.

best of luck…

Buy a DX (mx-66) bmx hub. They’re not too rare. They’re invariably 36H, but pull the freehub body off and install it in a 32H shimano hub shell. (I think it’ll fit… but it’d certainly be worth the experiment if you can find a cheap donor hub.) Throw in a solid axle, and tune OLD, dishing and chainline with the spacers inside the locknuts. Rockin’.

thanks guys, some great advice so far.

I used to ride a DX hubset on my race/dirt BMX and loved them. Was bummed to hear they are out of production but your idea sounds like a great mod. for 32h Brad! defs thinkin outside the square with that one!


Hey Blakey - I’ve checked out the offerings by Profile but haven’t been able to find a 120mm Chris King. Can you point me in the right direction or is it a case of respacing their 110mm BMX hub?

Good question. The SS hubs are 130 or 135, the BMX are 110, I’d email CK direct and ask if they can ship one with 120mm spacing. I’ve never played with the SS hubs, so I don’t know if they’re easily respaceable.


I know Sime doesn’t want to go with a Profile hub, has anyone tried a spacer kit and spaced a Profile BMX hub out to 120mm?