32h/36h Dura-Ace / Mavic Open Pro

For commuting
hole count does not matter (within limits)
sealed hubs do.
The better the build the longer the non hassle ride .

50 cents worth

This is the truth.’

I’d hate to have something nice as a commuter wheelset because they don’t get touched til they stop or start sounding funny.
I have a velocity deep v (set) and a surly hubs/salsa cross rims (set) and they’re both great for commuting, tough, bullet proof, and aren’t budget breaker if someone nicks them.

Definitely build is important, I’m pretty sure the Velomine folks build their wheels in house, I could be wrong, but they have good reviews. The Open Pro will make a huge difference in strength.

Wheres the fun in sealed bearings.
Open pros if you don’t care what they look like, But i do so i just chose the new h+son tb14 laced to Dura Ace.

choooice brew!

$75 more for Phils then DA. That is nothing in the grand scheme of tings. Phils are the best investment you will make on your bike.

what both of these guys said… put a good cog and lockring on the formulas and you have a solid, well-priced, easily maintainable wheelset.

phils are excellent… but if you are price sensitive and nervous about leaving them around go for the formulas.

but build quality is paramount.

I talked to Ben @ Velomine, he said for me to consider some Deep V’s for commuting as well, they might be stronger than the Open Pro. Anyone bounce between MOP’s and Velocity’s before? Any thoughts around that? I’ve had the mindset of going with Open Pro’s for a while since they seem to be well regarded, and strong as. I trust the Velomine guys for build quality, it’s just a matter of finding the right wheel and hoping they have it in stock as their build cycles run 4-6 weeks.

Some of them are brought in built already (the cheapies - Taiwan or Chinese made), some they build to order (pricey - US built). In any case I’ve had good dealings with Ben/Velomine for a cheap wheelset I bought for a mate in NYC as a b’day present. That being said there’s not a lot you can do if there is a problem once they’re here with you in Oz.

OTOH … most any LBS can order a wheelset for you already built to your spec from Velocity with Deep V’s or Razor’s (better than Open Pro’s IMO) for a fairly good price. Full warranty, take it back to the LBS if any issues. Ring around, you’ll find the price can vary from shop to shop or Call Velocity and ask which LBS carries their wheels in stock.

That or build your own.

I have had rims/wheels from many different manufacturers but I’m amazed how overseas peep’s are nuts about Aussie made Velocity rims (and rightly so) yet here in Oz we think Mavic or Euro brands are superior because it’s foreign and has cache/cool factor. Velocity rims are world class, and some of the finest rims you can get for traditional spoked wheels.

I reckon everything that is not a custom order comes from a wheel building ‘factory’. I’ve bought a few sets from Ben, 2 x OP to DA, OP to formula and deep v to formula, and they all came in Wheelmaster (?) boxes.

All (bar one set that were passed on so I can’t say) have been great.

Edit: see note from Velomine here

Yep, bit of a weight penalty with the deep vs but I expect they possibly make up for it in strength, though I’ve never had an issue with either.