3D modelling Bikes

I found this for Rhino 3D. Looks like fun, I haven’t received the Plug-in yet but if any one else is an Architect or 3D modeling sort of person, it could be worth a play. I actually made from scratch a 3D model similar to one of my bikes which I’ve managed to sneak into a few renderings at work.

Here the link if your interested: http://www2.rhino3d.com/resources/display.asp?language=&listing=4340

NB- Rhino 3d explains my nerdy name for this forum

Sounds like fun… I’m actually working rhino right now… wonder if the client would mind if I chucked a bike in the background?.. :evil:

Just don’t do to much detail or it will kill the rendering./ I actually tried to put a bunch of roadies into a rendering of certain controversial project in St Kilda, but the models we found were to meshy. Would have looked pretty cool

if only they made Rhino for Mac…

Which one are you Ratio?

Even if they did, how would you install it on your MacBook Air which doesn’t even have an optical drive, ethernet or firewire?.. :evil:
You brought up the mac issue buddy :evil:

Remote disc?

I was disappointed with the MBA. I really wanted to see a =<12" ultraportable.

(Waits patiently for the 9" eee.)

only leopard chromeo… not rhino yet

Well you could probably share the drive from another mac. or buy an external drive.
Or connect to the information superhighway and come to the realisation of “who on earth uses an optical drive these days anyway?”. Plenty of companies offer legit downloads of the software these days.

Next you’ll be complaining that there’s nowhere to insert your punch cards…

I don’t understand why people are so up in arms about the lack of ethernet? I can’t remember the last time I used mine. Or my DVD drive for that matter. I use firewire from time to time to back stuff up to my external harddrive but i’d much rather one that was WIRELESSLY ATTACHED TO MY NETWORK, oh yeah and have my computer automatically perform incremental backups to said disk.

The MBA isn’t for everyone. I don’t even think I’d buy one but there is no denying they are still freakin awesome. Portability, excessive array of ports, performance: pick two.

As you can tell, I’m a bit of a mac fanboy. I used a PC all my life until I got a PowerBook 3 years ago. There is no way on earth I would go back to windows and very little chance of me buying a PC (for linux). Windows is shit. People pay me good money to fix the problems they have with it. The design, functionality and build quality of PC hardware has nothing on Macs. Not everything that Apple does is perfect but it still wipes the floor with the competition.

I knew I shouldn’t have brought up the MBA but I just couldn’t help myself… :evil:

You have given me plenty of material to potential start a typical mac vs pc debate, but I’m going to restrain myself. :mrgreen:

This is a forum about bicycles at the end of the day isn’t it?

Each to their own.

Actually check out the latest BSNYC article where he brings up the interesting correlation between Specialized Langsters locked up outside the Apple Store in NYC,

Had a crack at woprk for about 3 hours :evil:
works well and is bitta fun…

How is it? I haven’t got it yet. We have more exciting scripts/plug-ins to make wacky architecture at work

Whats wrong with a good old drawing board!

Does me fine.

Ink Lines!!! :wink:

Pfft. Show me a laptop that comes close to the practicality, build quality, form and price of an Apple.

I read that article too and wasn’t overly surprised.
I use a mac because they rock, same reason I ride a fixie, not because I think it will impress people.

Sorry to hijack this thread nurbs.

How can I argue with that? :evil:

Drafting Board… Whats that?

Usually comes in an off sort of green colour.
You put pieces of tracing paper on it and draw lines.
Builders read the lines and text and at the end of a long protracted construction period a building is born!!

“the single button mouse is great for people like me”
Steven, Unemployed.

ohhh fond memories of first year Architecture. I work for an office well known for their excessive use of computers and we still use the drafting board, well i don’t because frankly I’m crap at drawing.

You know how we all say

‘steal is real’

hand drawing is the same deal