Anyone else picking up a Nintendo 3DS tomorrow?
Wondered what games (if any) anyone is getting with it.

Release titles seem a bit lacklustre in my opinion.

Still 3D without glasses has to be pretty entertaining.

Nope. I grew out of kids games when I was 10. Nintendo are balls.

I wouldn’t go that far, Zelda games are still epic, the metroid series is killing it and Mario Galaxy 2 was insane.

I’ll admit they do suffer alot from a ton of third party rubbish (Petz and all that guff), but credit where credit is due almost all the consoles they’ve released have changed videogaming or pushed the boundaries in some way.

haha, yeah… Nintendo go alright. My fav console of theirs was the SNES + the N64 for golden eye. But everything after that I haven’t really gotten in to. They are market leaders when it comes to casual gaming But I highly doubt i will be paying money to play a nintendo game in the future.

I am just jaded by the games like Wii resort and all that shit. Good for a laugh, but then they just gather dust.

I have owned most consoles since the Sega Master System and the Wii is the only regret I have.

Sorry about the rant.

PS. Some 3DSes are being reported as DOA.

I had Wii and offloaded it pretty quick, there’s not that many that excite me anymore.
SNES pack with SF2 was the bollocks back in the day.

Thanks for the heads up on the DOA. My PSP had 12 dead pixels when I got it.

NBA Jam on the SNES consumed my days. I remember back in the day, after playing a game of Junior rugby, a few team mates all went back to my house where we drank coke and played NBA jam all night. Loved it.

hahaha I (sort of) remember, not too long ago, a few mates went back to (not my) house, did coke and played wii olympics (or something) all night long. wii + drugs=not so bad.

disclaimer: the last video games i played were mario kart & tony hawks pro skater.

Bubble Trouble and Super Mario Bros. 3 ruled my life on NES before it burned out…

THen i got a Game Boy Pocket… Nigell Mansell Grand Prix, donkey Kong 3 and Pokemon Red roooooled.

Then N64 rolled around… Golden Eye :slight_smile:

Then after years i bought an Atari at a salvo’s… never got it working as my tv was too new, even though it powered on etc.

Then a PS3… Black Ops <3

my teenage life was wasted on DR MARIO.

what a game.

four player Goldeneye deathmatches…
And when Tony’s 2 added the manual roll to link tricks, my life stopped for about five months.